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This might sound too good to be true. Being in the front of the car, the windshield carries the maximum damage risk. A small pebble striking the windshield when the car is moving at high speed is enough to cause immense damage to it. Insurance companies will not compensate for this damage unless a comprehensive glass damage policy protects your car. However, most car owners are unaware of the fact that Arizona is one of only a few states that offers this kind of coverage at a low cost.  In fact, many insurance carries add this to your policy coverage and you may not even know it. Therefore, the good news is, you can still win when you opt for a windshield replacement through Windshields of Arizona.

We offer an irresistible windshield replacement offer. Unlike other insurance companies who just reimburse the windshield replacement cost, we replace your car’s windshield free of cost and pay you $50 instantly. This applies to those who have a 0 deductible on their car’s insurance policy. Since we honor policies issued by all insurance companies, there is no additional expense for either you or your insurance company. In case your insurance policy carries a deductible, we will waive up to fifty dollars instead of paying you cash. Compared to other states, the typical premium for comprehensive car insurance is much lower in Arizona; therefore, most auto owners opt for it.

If you have ever have had the misfortune of having to get your car’s broken windshield fixed when it was under insurance, we know the trouble you had to go through and the several questions you had to answer during the verification process. However, at Windshields of Arizona, we are to help you through the process and answer any questions that you might have.  In a typical scenario, with us, the windshield replacement insurance process is over in less than fifteen minutes.